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5 Easy, Last-Minute Dog Halloween Costumes

If you are like us, you have a real love for Halloween and Spooky Season! We all want to take advantage of the frightening festivities, but oftentimes, that means we have to leave doggo behind. This year, Halloween has gone to the dogs! Covid-19 has complicated our being able to go out, so it’s a great opportunity to focus on creating fun at home (or at a safe event) with our dogs!

Here are 5 easy, last-minute dog Halloween costumes that you can make, at home!

1. Ghost Dog

    This is a tried and true classic! All you need is a white sheet, cut to accommodate doggo’s snout and eyes (and ears).

2. Beanie Baby

    (Image Source)

    I’ll be the first to admit that I fell hard for the Beanie Baby craze, collecting hundreds of the adorable toys. Turning your dog into a living replica of a Beanie Baby is simple: All you need are some markers, scissors, string, and cardboard to create the iconic heart-shaped tag.

3. Mummy

   (Image Source)

    Have you created a stockpile of toilet paper as a result of Covid? Maybe you can use some of it to turn your dog into a scary mummy, this Halloween! If that seems a bit wasteful, local drug stores sell medical gauze that can also be used.

4. Skeleton

   (Image Source)

  Dog safe makeup and paints are much more readily available than you may think! Do a quick Google search to find the safest option 

  for your pet and paint their fur. A spooky skeleton is a great option, but this Frankenweenie is to die for.

  (Image Source)

5. Bowl of Cereal or Martini

   (Image Source)

    This is a great way to upcycle those e-collars or cones of shame so often used by the vet. For example, create a bowl of cereal  by cutting pool noodles into small rounds. Fruit Loops, anyone?

    (Image Source)

Do you plan on dressing your dog for Halloween, this year? Perhaps you’ve taken him or her Trick ‘r Treating, in the past. If so, what has been your favorite costume? We’d love to see them! Tag us on Instagram or on Facebook! We’d love to share your dressed-up pup’s to our stories!

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