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Our Services

We use only high-quality products that suit the needs of your pet and our professional groomers are experienced with all types of clips & styles. 

Grooming (What's Included)

Every grooming visit includes:

  • Bath & Facial
  • Hand Blow Drying
  • Nail Clipping
  • Ear Cleaning & Plucking
  • Fragrance/Cologne

Bandanas and bows are available, if you'd like one. Grooming is an important part of your dog's routine and we will do everything possible to achieve the style that best suits your pet. There are certain issues that may exist that make achieving a particular style difficult that include (but are not limited to): a dog's age, a matted coat, or a dog's general unwillingness to cooperate, but we address these issues on an individual basis and always try to be accommodating. 

Doodle Haircut
Planet Groom Pomeranian

Additional Information


Prices vary depending on breed, size, and condition of coat. We work to achieve a quality grooming at reasonable prices. Generally, a grooming starts at $60, including the breeds: Lhasa Apsos, Shih Tzus, Yorkies, Malteses, etc., just so you have an idea. Goldens, Labs, Shepherds, and other dogs that do not require full hair cuts vary in price depending on condition of the coat. We encourage you to call or stop in so we can discuss the work required to finish your dog, that way we can give you a more accurate price.

  • Accepted forms of payment: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Cash, or Check
  • We cannot accept bills over $50
  • We can now only accept cash tips. Thank you for understanding!


Safety is not just the responsibility of the groomer, but also of the client. Planet Groom requires evidence of up-to-date rabies and distemper vaccines at the time of first grooming. Vaccines protect not only the dog, but the groomer. Rabies and distemper are required by law and often given every one to three years. The bordetella (a.k.a. kennel cough) vaccine is often given every six months or every year. Kennel cough affects the upper respiratory system and is super contagious, which is why, if your dog is often around other pets, he/she should be vaccinated.

What Are People Saying? 
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New Clients

Be sure to download our new client form before your first visit! It can either be printed and hand-delivered at your appointment or emailed to before your first grooming.

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