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Covid-19 Updates at Planet Groom

Covid-19 has hit us all hard. For some, it has had awful physical consequences, which we can't even imagine, but for all, being subjected to quarantine and the "new normal", we've experienced mental and emotional exhaustion, as well as a need to become more flexible.

Small businesses have encountered particularly unique challenges and we are more than grateful that Planet Groom has been able to survive. Some of our fellow dog groomers were not so lucky and that breaks our hearts.

You, our customers, have been so wonderful in championing our return as an essential business. We are so thankful for all of you!

You may have noticed some changes in the way we operate. We've had to adapt, as well, but thankfully, these changes haven't been as drastic as they potentially could have been.

We've crafted a barrier at our entrance to keep clients and staff as safe and socially distant as possible.

We've also established a few new, in-shop rules:

  • Please wear a mask!
  • Only one person in the lobby, at a time.
  • Dog(s) must be walked in on a leash that will be handed off to a staff member.
  • Be sure to drop off & pick up at the pre-determined time to limit customer interaction. Please be on-time for your scheduled appointment, or we will not be able to take you.

Thank you, all, for being so good about following our new rules. We know it is a major adjustment for everyone and we appreciate the effort. Stay safe and sane and hopefully we'll be through with all of this, soon! 

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