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Planet Groom: 2020 In Review

2020 was a difficult year for everyone.

The first few months of the year were spent navigating what would become the “new normal” in the era of Covid-19. Covid-19 brought danger, fear, interpersonal issues, and also presented a difficult situation for small businesses -- ourselves included. We were fortunate enough to be given the go-ahead to reopen fairly soon after lockdown began and have, thankfully, remained open.

This is due in large part to all of your loyalty and vocalizing our need to be open and to be considered, “essential”. We are so grateful to all of you for being so integral in contacting government officials (both local and federal) to let them know that we are needed in the community as more than just a luxury service. We are beyond thankful to all of you! You helped us and other groomers who were also suffering under the weight of the lockdown.

In 2020, Planet Groom celebrated its 10 year anniversary. Kim and Heather celebrated their one-year anniversaries, respectively, as well. Because of Covid restrictions and safety protocol, we were unable to celebrate with all of you, but we partied on a very small scale.

We also bought a new tub! This may seem like a small endeavor, but it has helped us, tremendously! It is hydraulic, which means it can be raised and lowered, allowing us to have larger dogs (or senior dogs or dogs with health issues, etc.) walk directly into the tub, so we (and the dogs) do not have to struggle through lifting. It makes working with larger dogs, so much easier, again, for both us and the doggos!

More recently, we finished our 2nd annual donation drive on behalf of the Pawling Resource Center and this year you all killed it! The number of donations, this year, versus last year, is incomparable. We are so thankful to our clients who are so generous to have contributed both human and pet food to our neighbors in Pawling. It’s helped to reveal the humanity that may have been masked by the awfulness of 2020. In spite of personal, individual concerns, you all took the opportunity to donate on behalf of others who may be in need during this hard time, and for that, we are so grateful!

We want to wish you a happy and healthy new year! Peace out, 2020! Welcome 2021!


Lori, Kim, & Heather

Finally, we welcomed so many wonderful clients to the Planet Groom family, this year. In spite of everything, this has been such a blessing for us and it is also due in large part to all of your referrals! We are (and always will be) so grateful for all of you and for your continued patronage!

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